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Nationwide Cleaners is a cleaning company providng gutter cleaning services in UK.

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Prices for Gutter cleaning *

price service description
£ 46 Terraced Ground floor
£ 66 Terraced First floor
£ 86 Terraced Second floor
£ 66 End of terraced Ground floor
£ 86 End of terraced First floor
£ 106 End of terraced Second floor
£ 66 Semi-detached Ground floor
£ 86 Semi-detached First floor
£ 116 Semi-detached Second floor
£ 86 Detached Ground floor
£ 106 Detached First floor
£ 126 Detached Second floor

* NOTE: All prices are approximate and may vary depending on the different conditions. Please, call for additional information.

Our company have been established for over 5 years. We’re extremely reliable, very confident and offer reasonable rates for commercial and domestic customers in the UK area. We work with many local estate agents in UK.

We offer gutter cleaning all year round. Gutters should be cleaned annually but if you live in an area with trees or bushes surrounding your property then twice a year. Gutters in areas without trees can still get blocked with moss, growing seeds from bird excreta and sand build up from roof tiles.

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  • Commercial Gutter Cleaning
  • Commercial Roof Cleaning
  • Unblocking Downpipes
  • Gutter Repairs
  • Cherry Picker Service
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  • Fully Insured
  • VAT Registered

How we clean gutters:

We use brushes, sponges and ladders for our gutter cleaning service. We have a range of ladder sizes to suit all types of heights of property. We use a Cherry Picker for commercial gutter cleaning. From experience we have noticed the guttering vacuum does not pick up large collections of dirt in the gutters.

For this service we cover: Cambridge | Peckham |