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Nationwide Cleaners is a cleaning company providng oven cleaning services in UK.

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Prices for Oven cleaning *

price service description
£ 45 Standard Width Single oven, including two racks.
£ 63 Standard Width Double oven, including three racks
£ 14 Standard Width Microwave oven
£ 14 Standard Width Extractor
£ 18 Standard Width Gas Hob
£ 12 Standard Width Ceramic Hob
£ 77 Standard Width Complete Range
£ 24 90 cm Width Ranges or Bigger Range Hood or Hob
£ 63 90 cm Width Ranges or Bigger Single Wide Oven, including three racks
£ 30 90 cm Width Ranges or Bigger Range 1/2 size Oven
£ 6 90 cm Width Ranges or Bigger Warming Drawer Door
£ 77 90 cm Width Ranges or Bigger Complete Range 90cm
£ 93 90 cm Width Ranges or Bigger Complete Range 110cm
£ 79 AGA (Alpha,Stanley,Rayburn) 2 Oven Size
£ 110 AGA (Alpha,Stanley,Rayburn) 4 Oven Size
£ 58 AGA (Alpha,Stanley,Rayburn) Side Module
£ 40 BBQ's BBQ small
£ 60 BBQ's BBQ big (over 50cm)
£ 4 Extra Bulb change -
£ 7 Extra Grill Pans / Trays each
£ 45 Minimum charge for oven cleaning services. Please bear in mind that our service includes cleaning of the original racks and grill pans in the oven only. Any additional fixtures will incur extra charges.

* NOTE: All prices are approximate and may vary depending on the different conditions. Please, call for additional information.

One of most unpleasing thing to do in home is to clean the oven or the hob. Don’t worry! Our cleaning staff is ready to clean for you your oven, hob, microwave, hot-plates, absorbers, etc. and kitchen for all.

The kitchen where you cook and where all family eat, should shine fresh and clean. But all that grease around the oven is very difficult to clean. It’s extremely hard and unpleasant job that should be done in the name of family health. Don’t think how to start cleaning it, but think about how easy and fast our cleaning staff will get job done. They are trained to clean all kitchen equipment without damage any of your expensive equipping like oven, hob, microwave, hot-plates, absorbers, etc.

During the food cooking, there is possibilities for contaminating the food with gems coming from dirt from unclean oven. How to prevent it – call or e-mail us and our professionals will be at your disposal at any time. They will work hard for your satisfaction.

In our practice, we always using only eco friendly preparations which have no smells. Most of them are on water basis but are very strong when it comes for greases.

Oven cleaning is one of the most spread cleaning services that is provide in nowadays. Some people still don’t realize that this activity is one of the most important, concerning their and their family health.

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